Scott D Welch

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Certain Points of ViewTM Words & Images

Often called upon to either create something new or to "repair the damage," Scott has done so in management, marketing and in both editorial and writing capacities. He draws his abilities from three-plus decades of professional experience.  His primary focus these days is on providing beginning and intervention reading and math programs for at-risk and under-achieving students and his company and their results can be seen at Bright Sky Learning.

His talent for writing and photography have their own, more detailed and explantory webpages and sites. Scott's photography blog is Certain Points of View, while his cultural blog is Main Street One. He has a site devoted to Castles, Manors & Palaces, another regarding Food Photography, and one specifically for Flowers.   A selection of fine art prints and greeting cards, including many images found on the sites mentioned, are available at Scott Welch Photographic Art Images. Virtually all of his photographic images are available for either exclusive or non-exclusive, Royalty Free or Rights Managed licensing.

For those in the Pinellas County, Florida, area, Scott is available for real estate, architecture, event, and food photographic sessions. There is a contact form located on the Work Point of View page.